Identification layer for the Internet enables "Identity as the new Perimeter"
All critical business processes must include user's strong authentication.
Strong authentication itself must be resilient to attackers.
Critical transaction data must be isolated from attackers.
Critical data integrity may be assured irrespective to attackers.

SentryCom founders bring years of entrepreneurship , inventions and IT experience.
SentryCom investors include Founders , Israel Chief Scientist Office and Energy Development and Investment Corporation.

"SentryCom commissioned The Standards Institution Of Israel - Software Testing Lab.,a Ziff Davis Media Company, to validate the overall performance of Biometric Voice Authentication."
"VoiceProof- a system for encryption and file protection to securely exchange of documents and files, protected by Strong (Voice) project" .Department XIII , Rome Municipality, Italy.
"We will feel safer to add security measures to the site such as VoiceShield", Analyst Online Trading Site, Israel.
"As a part of ACE investigation of secure remote demonstration proved that SentryCom products were equal to this task." , Advanced Center of Excellence (ACE) , Rolls-Royce UK .