IBC Foundation

IBC Foundation is a subsidiary of SentryCom

About IBCoin

IBCoin vs. Competition

About IBC Foundation

IBC Foundation will promote and administer the Identity-Bound  Cryptocurrency (IBC) on the Internet. IBC Foundation will license  the rights to use the IBC from SentryCom Ltd.

What is wrong with Fiat Money ?

The usage of Fiat Money today powers financial crime, including bribery and corruption; money laundering; fraud; theft; cyber crime; and slave labor/human trafficking. Global estimate of lost turnover as a consequence of financial crime at 3.5%, giving a global estimated loss of turnover of just over $1.45  trillion. Global spending on fighting financial crime is ~$ 1 trillion (source: Refinitiv)






About Identity-Bound CryptoCurrency (IBC)

IBC is a utility token and stablecoin, to be minted by  IBC  Foundation in 2019.It will be used solely in conjunction with TRIAD crypto wallet and related services. It is s the first cryptocurrency to offer its users- the freedom from theft and its community- the freedom from "bad actors".

What is wrong with other CryptoCurrencies?

While crypto currencies are still in a nascent stage -the present Market Cap is already $185 billion  The financial crime has already "adopted" it: $1.7 billion in cryptocurrency was stolen and scammed in 2018. Cryptocurrencies, being anonymous as Fiat Money, are widely used for money laundering.

IBC is crime-free: thieves cannot steal it and criminals cannot launder it!

Best-of-breed security and throughput:

1.prevents phishing,

2.prevents malware attack,

3.prevents private-key vulnerability,

4.prevents private-key quantum computing attack,

5.prevents double spending,

6.resilient to colluding Blockchain Nodes,

7.1000 Transactions/sec  at 5 sec latency