Sentrycs Data  brings "Identity is the New Perimeter"  into practice using : 

binding Identity Management with Crypto Technologies, 

implementing  Identity-as-a-Public Key in Closed PKI and Identity-based Decryption, and

enabling State-of-the-art Encryption, with Real-Time Strong Identification and Granular Authorization.



Sentrycs Data is Software-as-a-Service that permits anyone to share a file or execute transaction,  securely and confidentially, with  anyone in the world, satisfying HIPAA, FINRA, SarbanesOxley, GLBA and other data compliance requirements.

This SaaS allows to share any kind of files, any way you prefer , using Email , File-sharing site , Cloud Storage or  Social Media. 

The major benefit of Sentrycs Data is that file shared by any user may be accessible only by persons pre-authorized by this user. Specifically neither user's Internet Service Provider nor Sentrycs Data Provider cannot access these file without user's knowledge.

SentrycsData can be integrated with Enterprise Network DLP Gateway.

Sentrycs Data allows executing secure transaction with anyone in the world. Sentrycs Data can be integrated with Online Banking money-transfer infrastructure.Sentrycs Data leverages its innovative and patented CryptoBiometrics technology.


No keys stored - anywhere. One-time RSA 256 bit encryption,

Scalable , on-demand by the user,  strong authentication , including: Hardware ID (something you have) , Short PIN (something you know ) , Speech Prompt and Voice Biometrics.

Multiple authorization options : single recipient , group of recipients , contact list

Share via any Route : Email , File-sharing site , Cloud Storage , Social Media

Share any kind of file: documents , images , video , audio , ZIP folders , CAD files , etc.

Time-stamp and digital signature for online bidding and online transactions.




Total Privacy - the file shared by you will be accessible only by persons pre-authorised by you . Specifically neither your Internet Service Provider nor Sentrycs Data Provider can not access these file without your knowledge.

Turn your Public Cloud storage/file-sharing into Private and save!

Turn your Facebook or other social media into Private Network.

Legally sign your files while keeping them private.

Digitally sign your press release / public broadcast messages and post it into social media , while protecting the data integrity.

Use Sentrycs Data with DropBox to create Private Disaster Recovery Storage .

Use Sentrycs Data to seal and backup your BitCoin wallet.

Use Sentrycs Data to seal and protect your Password Manager desktop app.