Sentrycs Web provides an API for Sentrycs IDaaS integration with any browser. The API includes two options:

  1. Using smartphone-based Sentrycs Mobile app. (Primary option).
  2. Using Sentrycs Voice interaction service. (Backup option , if smartphone missing)


Sentrycs Web using Sentrycs Voice Interaction service is a multi-factor identification with  voice biometrics application that connects to the Cloud services. It is used to verify a user’s identity to grant access to secure physical or digital sites or to protect transactions via mobile devices. Users enroll their voice biometrics as a identification enhancement. 

Sentrycs Web is a secure, simple to use, and designed to provide instant identity verification by engaging with the voice biometrics capture capabilities of each user’s VoIP enabled device, allowing it to: create a baseline voice biometrics enrollment profile, store a user’s voice biometrics data in the cloud, p erform biometrics verification of a user’s identity against their enrolled profile.

Sentrycs Web  application captures a user’s voice biometrics, it is transmitted to Sentrycs Cloud platform, converted into digital biometrics templates, and stored anonymously via  cloud-based, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) system.

Sentrycs Web with Voice Services is uniquely secure 4-factor strong identification, incuding, record-and-playback resilient, Voice Biometrics.



Demo : Sentrycs Web using Sentrycs Mobile app. vs. MasterCard ID check.