Sentrycs Web  is transforming the market with its cloud-based identity platform, including Biometrics-as-a-Service, through quick deployment that lowers costs and allows customers to choose and blend modalities to develop the best use case for their particular organization and requirements, permitting rapid integration with existing business intelligence and systems.
Sentrycs Web provides pay per use, plug-n-play voice biometric-enabled solutions while instantaneously responding to different types of modalities.
Sentrycs Web provides pay per use, plug-n-play biometric-enabled solutions , instantaneously responding to different types of modalities.
Our services can provide you huge benefits by:
Offering a rapid deployment cycle and lower costs of biometric enablement with a pay for use business model, providing financial services, retail, healthcare and manufacturing industries with an agnostic approach, enabling easy deployment of biometric security for mobile and traditional applications.

Sentrycs Web is a multi-factor identification with  voice biometrics application that connects to the Cloud services. It is used to verify a user’s identity to grant access to secure physical or digital sites or to protect transactions via mobile devices. Users enroll their voice biometrics as a identification enhancement. Sentrycs Web  delivers fast, accurate identity verification to protect important applications, systems, and data such as Corporate systems,Bank accounts,Financial transactions, Healthcare records.

Sentrycs Web is a secure, simple to use, and designed to provide instant identity verification by engaging with the voice biometrics capture capabilities of each user’s VoIP enabled device, allowing it to: create a baseline voice biometrics enrollment profile, store a user’s voice biometrics data in the cloud, p erform biometrics verification of a user’s identity against their enrolled profile.

Sentrycs Web  application captures a user’s voice biometrics, it is transmitted to Sentrycs Cloud platform, converted into digital biometrics templates, and stored anonymously via  cloud-based, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) system.


Sentrycs Web is uniquely secure 3-factor strong identification, incuding, record-and-playback resilient, Voice Biometrics.

It's unique API response will allow to distinguish between :

  • not-identified user,
  • user lacking credentials,
  • user incapable of voice interaction, and
  • fully identified user