Sentrycs Data  brings "Identity is the New Perimeter"  into practice using : 

binding Identity Management with Crypto Technologies, 

implementing  Identity-as-a-Public Key in Closed PKI and Identity-based Decryption, and

enabling State-of-the-art Encryption, with Real-Time Strong Identification and Granular Authorization.



Sentrycs Data is Software-as-a-Service that permits anyone to share a file or execute transaction,  securely and confidentially, with  anyone in the world, satisfying major  data compliance requirements.

This SaaS allows to share any kind of files, any way you prefer , using Email , File-sharing site , Cloud Storage or  Social Media. 

Sentrycs Data enables Full Privacy : file shared by any user may be accessible only by persons pre-authorized by this user. Specifically neither user's Internet Service Provider nor Sentrycs Data Provider cannot access these file without user's knowledge.

Sentrycs Data enables Data Loss Prevention  , through digital signature of files sent outside the Enterprise..

Sentrycs Data enables Online Content Integrity : any content text, image , audio or video can be digitally signed for Internet distribution- thus preventing "fake news".


No keys stored - anywhere. One-time RSA 256 bit encryption,

Scalable , on-demand by the user,  strong authentication , including: Hardware ID (something you have) , Short PIN (something you know ) , Speech Prompt and Voice Biometrics.

Multiple authorization options : single recipient , group of recipients , contact list

Share via any Route : Email , File-sharing site , Cloud Storage , Social Media

Share any kind of file: documents , images , video , audio , ZIP folders , CAD files , etc.

Time-stamp and digital signature for online bidding and online transactions.




Total Privacy - the file shared by you will be accessible only by persons pre-authorised by you . Specifically neither your Internet Service Provider nor Sentrycs Data Provider can not access these file without your knowledge.

Turn your Public Cloud storage/file-sharing into Private and save!

Turn your Facebook or other social media into Private Network.

Legally sign your files while keeping them private.

Digitally sign your press release / public broadcast messages and post it into social media , while protecting the data integrity.

Use Sentrycs Data with DropBox/Google Diive/One Drive to create Private Disaster Recovery Storage .