Sentrycs Mobile is Ideally suited for Internet Payments under EU/PSD2/RTS .

PSD2 -The Problem in General:

EU Revised Payment Services Directive PSD2 set the requirements of the strong customer authentication (SCA) when: the payer accesses his payment account online; initiates an electronic payment transaction or carries out any action, through a remote channel, which may imply a risk of payment fraud or other abuses.

PSD2-Strong Authentication Elements:

SCA must include 2 out of 3 elements, including knowledge (such as PIN), ownership (such as smartphone) and inherence (such as biometrics).


PSD2-Dynamic Linking:

SCA must be accompanied with dynamic linking: the authentication code shall be specific to the amount and payee agreed to by the payer when initiating the electronic remote payment transaction.


PSD2 Challenge:

The biggest problem in implementing of PSD2 is the fear of Payment Industry of too much friction and shopping cart abandonment.

Sentrycs Mobile SCA:

Sentrycs Mobile captures any Payment event; performing low-friction risk-balanced strong customer authentication while dynamically linked to a specific amount and specific payee.

SCA includes 4 elements knowledge ( PIN) , ownership (smartphone), inherence (touchscreen behavioural biometrics) and geolocation.

Sentrycs Mobile user experience:

Leveraging PSD2 and using Sentrycs Mobile - future consumers will make much more secure and faster payments than today.

 Consumers won't need to enter payment card details & billing address and worry about potential data breaches.

The whole process will  take less than 5sec.