Sentrycs IDaaS

EU PSD2/RTS regulation, to be in effect on September 2019, will require all Internet Payment Service Providers (PSPs) to provide strong Customer and Payment authentication.

We are looking to partner with PISPs to offer our Best-of-Breed solution.

Sentrycs is a patented, multi-factor, context- and risk -aware, Strong Identification-as-a-Service (IDaaS) for Online Access, Real-Time Money Transfer and Internet Payments.


Why do I need SENTRYCS to secure my personal data?

Usernames and passwords are not secure, but simply adding proper multi-factor authentication (MFA) to your most sensitive apps can reduce your likelihood of getting hacked by at least 80%. The problem, however, is that most MFA products add several time-consuming and inconvenient steps for the user. Also, simply using an MFA solution doesn’t necessarily mean you’re more secure, as some forms of MFA used by sites, are known to be less secure (such as text messaging based verification codes). In order to comprehensively secure your personal apps and services, on all your devices, multiple products must typically be cobbled together.
SENTRYCS cuts through that complexity and is the only identity and access management tool you need to secure your personal data, a comprehensive and frictionless solution fully-secured. It allows you to use your mobile phone or browser to manage all your digital and physical access needs securely and conveniently.

Simply put : SENTRYCS is much faster and much stronger than current state-of-the-art.


Why does my company need SENTRYCS?

SENTRYCS is the only identity and access management tool you need to secure your corporate network, a comprehensive and frictionless solution fully-secured with multi-factor authentication. Whether logging company apps, accessing your personal online bank account, making purchases at online retailers, browsing social media. SENTRYCS allows you to use your mobile or browser  to manage all your digital access needs securely and conveniently.

  1. Replace hard tokens
  2. Replace ID cards
  3. Authenticate to cloud-based and on-premise apps securely and seamlessly
  4. Eliminate password breaches and their impact on you or your organization
  5. Eliminate the costs and risks of purchasing and managing security tokens and hardware
  6. Eliminate the manual typing of passwords and the resources involved with password complexity rules and resets

How does SENTRYCS provide security?

SENTRYCS secures organizations and individuals primarily by adding multi-factor authentication to individual apps and services. Because cloud applications are accessible from many locations, authentication security is paramount. Most enterprise cloud platforms  are accessible both inside and outside the office, and from a variety of different devices, leaving corporate network perimeters dramatically more extended and exposed than just a few years ago. With SENTRYCS, users can authenticate to their corporate and personal apps and services securely and conveniently, without an easy-to-steal or guess static username and password, and regardless of their location or device.

Also, because SENTRYCS offers the full-stack of identity and access management in one product, it’s able to provide seamless and integrated security without the risk of security holes and cracks that result from stitching together different products. The usability and convenience inherent in such a comprehensive design also reduces circumventions. Other, intrusive or tedious security products, or combination of products, encourage employees and other individuals to find ways to evade security measures.

What is SENTRYCS uniqueness?

The #1 problem we are facing: compromised device contains malicious software — or malware — that has privileged access rights to the device’s operating system and core functions, such as SMS. Most mobile malware to date comes packaged into benign applications downloaded from third-party app stores and granted privileged access by the user during the installation process. Similar to phishing, mobile malware can capture credentials and interfere with SMS-based strong authentication by intercepting and redirecting one-time passwords. Another capability that is seen on jailbroken or rooted devices lets malware tamper with transactions on the fly. For example, it could change a payee account in a money transfer or transaction. Similar problem exists with browser-based apps. and it is called Man-in-the-Browser.

To resolve this problem one  must extend IAM solution to prevent from malware to execute its goal of stealing the transaction. To this end SENTRYCS has invented Transification (patents pending). Transification is a new concept describing Context-bound Identification, binding together Transaction & Identification.

Context is a circumstance in which an event (transaction) occurs. Identification is the process of determining the identity of the person triggering the event.Transification is process of determination of the identity of the person triggering the event, bound to the circumstance of the event. Identity of the  Payer, executing the transaction,  is bound to the circumstance of the transaction, namely  Payment and Payee:

Transification effectively replaces digital signature as being sufficiently secure , but much more usable and scalable.

The #2 problem we are facing is the lack of resilience of the existing solutions for Strong Authentications. For example: 

1.What if my smartphone is lost/stolen or replaced?

2.What if I am using another computer?

3.What if I am roaming/abroad?

4.What if my Biometrics verification results in False Reject?

5.What if my credential (password) is stolen?

6.What if my Biometrics is spoofed?

This causes the existing solutions to remain a niche , not reaching a wide population.

To this end Sentrycs is has introduced  Risk-determined multi-layer fusion using 4 independent authentication layers:

  1. "Something you have": smartphone or computer (browser)
  2. "Something you know": PIN
  3. "Something you are" : Touchscreen Behavioral Biometrics or Contextual VoicePrint Biometrics
  4. "Somewhere you are" : Location verification.

Customer Application makes the final decision , based upon on application risk  (low, medium, high or very high)..This way False Rejects are minimised . From attacker's perspective - the cost of breaking into 4 layers is raised significantly (similar to shooting "blind-folded" on 4 moving targets).

The #3 problem we are facing :Extended Enterprises cannot Identify their partners/contractors and customers beyond their Enterprise perimeter.

SENTRYCS IAM bridges beyond Enterprise perimeter to resolve this problem.

What is SENTRYCS value proposition?

SENTRYCS offers a range of online login , identity and transaction services. Business customers can streamline the onboarding of new clients,  sign transactions and access critical data dashboards.

How Sentrycs stands-out from Competition ?

Sentrycs more secure , because it is more resilient to malware and other attacks , as well in changes in user's behavior.

Sentrycs is more usable , because it involves fast (few seconds) , low friction , in-app. engagement.

Sentrycs is more scalable , because it can deployed with any Mobile or Web app. in a matter of 1 day only.

Sentrycs Demo’s (access , online payment and money transfer).